Roland TrueVis Tr1, 500ml ink – Magenta


Filled ink bags with Roland TrueVis VG and SG compatible ink, including chip.
Our family of Eco Solvent Exact inks are excellent alternative inks compatible with OEM offerings in digital large format printing. They are environmentally friendly and free of repro toxic ingredients. All company products are compatible with chemical and color parameters of corresponding original inks, making transition hassle free by avoiding cleaning and profiling procedures.


Product features of our Eco Solvent Exact ink:
  • MADE in GERMANY with high quality standards
  • Compatible to original Roland TrueVis ink
  • Have higher scratch and rub resistance
  • Lack of unpleasant smell due to use of only high quality components
  • Suitable for high resolution printing
  • Improved adhesion
  • Ingredients and finished ink underlie a strict in-house quality control
  • Due to the better controlled dot gain of the ink, it is possible to achieve higher apparent resolution with lesser pass count
Compatible for the following Roland printers:
  • for all Roland TrueVis